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Should I first sumbit the abstract?

No, the full paper must be sent directly.

Where are communications sent?

In the submission platform link, once the personal data has been uploaded, tabs are displayed in order to be able to submit up to three papers per registration.

What is the deadline for registration and submission of papers?

The deadline is open from January 27 to June 19, 2020

Are communications sent automatically accepted?

No, a committee of experts will evaluate incoming communications and communicate accepted papers.   

I want to plan my trip. If I register early, will I get a quick response?

Yes, the committee will evaluate the communications as they are presented, so you will have more time to book flights, hotels and plan your trip.  

If a paper is presented in collaboration with another colleague, would we both receive the corresponding diplomas of attendance and collaboration?

Two diplomas are issued, one for attendance and one for presentation. In this case, and understanding that your partner could not attend and therefore did not pay the registration fee, he would receive the certificate of presentation. For the presenter and attendant, they would receive both (presentation and attendance).